#0 Extra Fine Tips

Effective March 15, 2018, Folk Impressions is making a change in the production and sale of its #0 Extra Fine Tip. Specifically, the tip will no longer be packaged including the “charger pin”; instead, the #0 Extra Fine tip and any product utilizing the #0 Extra Fine tip will be packaged and sold without a charger pin. Pricing is being adjusted accordingly. Charger pins will be available for purchase separately. 

The reason for the change is to better reflect the true function of the tip when used in our wax application. The “Charger Pin” is a holdover from the original purpose for the tip, which was originally designed to be used with inks. In this application, the Charger Pin was necessary to “seed” the line (start the flow) when beginning to write and to ensure consistent flow of ink without blotching.

Melted bees wax has a viscosity and consistency very different than that of inks and behaves very differently in the tip reservoir. As a result, the charger pin is not needed to “seed” a line or to ensure consistent flow. Blotching is not a norm when using the #0 Extra Fine Tip with wax, and wax flow is consistent when not using the charger pin.

Two additional benefits of not using the charger pin include longer writing between wax refills and reduced waste of wax. Because the charger pin has to be inserted into the tip reservoir, it reduced the volume of wax that the reservoir can hold, requiring more frequent wax refills. Additionally, the process of inserting the charger pin into the reservoir after filling it with wax causes a blotch of wax, as the charger pin is pushed into place. 

We have conducted extensive testing before implementing this change to ensure the function of our product meets the expectations our customers have come to expect with our tips. By separating the charger pin from the tip, we are able to offer our products utilizing the #0 Extra Fine tip at a lower price. Charger pins (sold separately) will continue to be available for those that prefer to continue to use them.



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